Hello everyone. Thank you all for being very patient with the website. I understand that being patient can be difficult. My mother mumbled something about patience under her breath before she died. I’ll get to that later. I will make sure to update the website as often as possible but I do have a tight community college schedule so please be patient.

For those of you who don’t know who I am. My name is Gallagher, I’m a woodworker from Mexico that survived a factory explosion in 2009. I’m sure I will get to that at some point as well. I have been crafting tables since I was able to understand conscientiousness. My wife left me but a lot of people have also convinced me that she never existed. I was diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder and body dysmorphic disorder at the same time. But one the personalities I have doesn’t have body dysmorphic disorder so it gets confusing. I stopped taking my medication and have noticed myself starting to spiral so I will probably start taking them again. I used to be addicted to Vicodin but I lost my drug dealer in the explosion so I was forced to go through withdrawal and have been sober since.

Oh and I’m also a puppet made out of wood, plastic, and chemicals. My face used to look much different. Before the fire I looked like a happier man. Because of the factory explosion, my face distorted and my identity, unknown. Isabella bought me for one dollar many years ago in a small shop owned by a man named Fernando. Oh, and I don’t call her “Bella” like you people do because that sounds like a dog’s name. Speaking of pets, her cats are disgusting and I don’t associate them. I’m not a cat person. I’m more of a larvae person.

I will probably write here on a weekly basis because that is what my therapist suggested for me to do. I also am very good with advice so if you ever need assistance with any life struggle, let me know. No one is really supposed to click on this tab on the website so I hope that nobody ever reads this. This is just for me to document my life journey. A lot of people cyber-bully me online, saying that I’m hideous or “what the fuck is that.” Did you think those comments wouldn’t hurt me? I know most of you find me repulsive and it’s a big reason I’m too afraid to start dating. Anyway, I hope the few people that do find this are selective about who they decide to tell.

This was just me saying hello and just typing this out gave me anxiety so I’m going to stop now. I’m sure we will be very acquainted with each other by the end of this but for now I just really need to rest. My bones feel loose.